What are your favourite Sant & Abel PJ’s?

Oooooh that’s a tough one! I love them all! Right now I switch between the Bora Bora Night Shirt, the Tropical Punch short sleeve set and the blue Palm Sunday long set.

What Pyjamas do you bring back to Australia with you when you come to visit?

I always wear the Zebra trackies and long sleeve top on the plane back to Australia. They are light weight, so soft and so comfy. They look stylish too! On my recent trip back to Australia I brought back the Cactus night shirt which we did as part of our collaboration for Chiara Ferragni. Gorgeous pinks and greens!

Tell us a bit more about your recent collaboration with Chiara

Chiara discovered Sant and Abel when we did an exclusive collaboration with The Beverly Hills Hotel. She asked us to create an exclusive collection for her website, The Blonde Salad. We came up with a cactus print, based on the incredible cactus right outside the main door at the farm at Finniss, SA. We created a short sleeve set, night shirt and eye mask.

We hear you love cooking, what’s your favourite recipe?

I sure do, I love cooking and entertaining! I often experiment with new recipes but I have two firm favourites which I’ll never deviate from. Baked Thai Salmon which came from an OOP Cooking Class many years ago (I think it was Nu’s class), followed by Ottolenghi’s Meringue Roulade.

What is your favourite restaurant in L.A?

I have two! Dan Tana’s, an Italian restaurant right near my house. It became famous after Frank Sinatra used to go there for knock offs following his performances at the Troubador next door. The tuxedo-dressed waiters are arrogant yet endearing and charming. The chicken parmigiana is the best I’ve ever eaten. The atmosphere is electric and there’s usually a celeb or two there who go to escape the madness of LA.
The other is Republique. Incredible French food, fantastic wine, a great fit out and buzzing atmosphere.

Tell us more about your dog! Where you take it for walks & please tell us it wears one of the S&A bandanas!

I have a black standard poodle called Daisy. She’s six months old and spends her time going for walks and swims at Venice Beach, hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains and enjoys redistributing the neighbours' newspapers around Beverly Hills.
Yes she absolutely does wear S&A bandanas, usually the Martinique bandana which we made for The Beverly Hills Hotel!